The List

Bonnaroo 2013

The Master List of Supreme Organization!

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Crucial Items: Wristbands, cash, extra vehicle key (in case you lose or lock the original in your car).

Centeroo Bag

Camp Gear: Whatever you sleep with (pillows, sleeping bags, blankets).
Coolers (2+)
Bungees & Zip Ties
Extra Batteries
Tent (w/ luggage lock)
Camp Grill
Utensils (Spork!?)
First Aid Kit
Folding Table
Duct Tape
Dishpan & Towels
Lantern & Flashlights
Camp Chairs
Trash Bags
Ziplock Bags

Toiletries, etc: Most of these items should be in travel packs for easy carrying in your backpack. The anti-bacterial pump is for your campsite and the Dr. Bronner’s is an “everything” wash for the showers.
Aloe/After Sun
Baby Wipes
Anti-bac Wipes
Anti-bac pump
Hair ties, bands
Dr. Bronner’s
Pain reliever

Clothing (for girls): Comfortable is better than cute!
Bike Shorts (for under dresses)
Shorts (I actually stick to dresses)
Floppy Hat (protect yourself from burns!)
Sun dresses
Yoga Pants
Tee Shirts/Tanks
Sports Bras
Socks & Undies
Guys: shorts and tees or tanks are just fine. Linen button downs will also keep you cool and protected from the intense Tennessee sun.

Footwear: I know flip-flops seem like a good choice but really just bring them for when you have to use the port-o-john at night. Stick with comfortable footwear options like a canvas shoe (Toms, Sanuk) or sturdy sandal. You may also want to bring rubber galoshes in case it rains and gets super muddy.

Food & Drink: Gallons of water, Gatorade or other sports drink with electrolytes, any alcohol you want (just make sure it is not in glass). For food I like to bring a variety of small snack foods and purchase meal type foods in Centeroo or from camp vendors. The bit of cooking that I do at camp involves eggs and sausage for breakfast or grilling some chicken at lunch/dinner. Everything else is cold or dry food that can be kept in a Rubbermaid bin or cooler. See my food related posts for more ideas.