December 2, 2013

Official 2014 Prep Season Begins Today!

I did it! I managed to score two tickets in pre-sale again this year. Now that that stress is over with I can move on to official prepping!

Last year I didn't really upgrade much of my gear and I sort of just packed the same things I had in 2012. I did bring a better tent that I found in a winter clearance at Target and it was a really great improvement from 2012 but this year I'm looking to score some really neat gear at great prices. Here are some things I've been looking at for 'Roo 2014. Tell me what you think and give me tips if you've used any of these products for fests in the past.

1. A new propane camp grill
Here are the few that I'm looking at. I know I could go with the basic Coleman camp grill but these just seem so much more sleek...and pretty.

Coleman® Party Grill with carry bag $59.99 @ Target

              Possible Fest Splurge: Coleman® RoadTrip® LXE Propane Grill $129.99 @ Target

2. Personal Hygiene Products
I've pretty much stuck to baby wipes and tea tree oil (read: antibacterial) soap in the past but I really want to make some improvements this year. I am an admitted clean freak and I'm totally the girl who pays $7 for a shower by Saturday but I think good prep can keep you clean and fresh through Bonnaroo weekend until you're home (or in a hotel) to freshen up with a hot shower. Here's what I'll probably be picking up to keep it so fresh and so clean in 2014.
GoGirl Single $12.99 (or 3 for $34.97) from
Klenz XXL Shower in A Towel $1.49 from Amazon

3. Sanuk Shoes
I know, these are the gold standard for shoes at Bonnaroo but I still don't have a pair. I like the yoga mat flip flops but I'm not paying $30+ for them and I like to protect my feet from all the dust and...other stuff on the ground.
Sanuk Shorty $55.00 at

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