February 26, 2013

2013 Prepping, commence!

Welcome! This is my first post and I'm excited to get prepping for 'Roo 2013. To get yourself acquainted with the blog check out the navigation at right and the post tags just below that. You can search relevant posts by the category headings in The List.

Now, let's get started...

If you read the info section of the page you know that the prepping cycle is in full swing. The lineup was announced last week and tickets went on sale this past Saturday. Now for those of you who haven't gotten your tickets (and I hope you have) you can still head over to Bonnaroo.com and pick some up at the fourth tier price of $269.50 a piece.

So this week is when it gets serious for me. My list is printed and I'm ready to sort through my Bonnaroo bins to see what needs to be replenished and what needs a good cleaning (since we packed up in a light rain on Sunday night last year). This week I took out my EZ up and gave it a good wipe down as it was covered in a light layer of mud from all the dust mixed with some showers during last year's festival.

I also started my clothing hunt for fun items to wear this year. I found some great deals on tube dresses at Ross and I DIY'd a sweet tye-dye V-neck tee to wear when the inevitable shoulder burn sets in.

**See my post on the Pinterest DIY gone right!**

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