February 26, 2013

Pinterest DIY gone right!

Pinterest projects do not always end up as planned but this one was pretty simple and turned out better than expected. You can find the original project from The Art Girl Jackie and other related pins on my Bonnaroo pin board.

Tie-dye T-Shirts with Sharpie Markers

What you'll need:
-Pre-washed white or light colored shirt (cotton on color the best).
-Cardboard or t-shirt form from the craft store.
-Rubbing alcohol (a high concentrate, I used 90%).
-A dropper (I used a rubber dropper from an old bottle of liquid vitamins).
-Plastic cup (think Solo cup).
-Rubber bands
-Variety of brightly colored Sharpie markers (I used the brights pack with pinks, orange and purple).
-Optional: glow-in-the-dark fabric paint or other embellishments to add later.

What to do:
First, place some cardboard or your t-shirt form into your shirt so that the color doesn't soak through to the back. Then you will prepare your shirt by placing the cup inside, under the desired spot for the design and placing a rubber band around the t-shirt stretched over the cup. Then you can start making your sharpie designs. For a design like mine draw star burst designs (or long random lines) out from the center of the cup to the edges where the rubber band is placed.

Next, use your dropper to drop alcohol all over the design so that the colors start to run and blend.  At this point you can either blow on the spots to start drying or just move on to another spot with a new cup and rubber band if you don't want the designs to overlap.

When you are finished with your designs let them air dry then heat set in the dryer. Once the designs are heat set you may choose to add glow paint to the center of the design for a galaxy-star burst look or maybe add some glitter embellishments...or just leave it as is like I did!

Looks like flowers or jellyfish!

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